Picking a Translation Services Company Or Machine Translation

As we’re aware the translation sector is teeming with translation tools such as checkers, translation memories and automatic glossaries. However, is the feasibility of machine interpretation a fact at this time? By describing the doubts and limitations of machine translation I expect to describe to describe a few of those preconceived notions that the public might have regarding the area and assist them in choosing Machine translation or a translation solutions company.

The idea of computer translation isn’t new. In reality soon after World War II that the American Government had begun investing substantial resources in the area without the smallest doubt that the notion wasn’t a reality.

Some common terms within this field suggest the a few of the issues that many pioneers of machine translation should happen to experience, by way of instance the distinction between machine translation (MT) that is the translation of text with a system and Computer Programmer translation (CAT) that is actually the translation of texts with a translator with the assistance of translation resources. A Batch system has coded principles to “decide” about the very best translation. There’s not any requirement for a translator.

Having an Interactive system that the Translator Services Company is current and determines on the translation alternatives supplied by the translation program. Having an Interlingua approach that the origin translation is translated into an intermediate language that’s used to interpret and forth between the source and target languages.


With MT translation many texts generally get a 70% precision e.g. Google interprets. Most specialists today concede that 100% precision isn’t feasible. The percent precision claims of Machine translation are open to debate since there isn’t any universal standard to quantify this and processing claims are normally quite subjective.

When to utilize Machine Translation or Translation Services firms

  1. The topic matter. Here the PC may have a huge advantage, particularly in respect to texts. In the instance of a field such as Life sciences in which the language is quite detailed and specific, the Machine Translation system may have a language Database built up more than that’s not possible to get a Translation Service firm to contend with.
  1. Speed. Speed is a place in which the computer reigns supreme believing the ordinary translator translates in a speed of 2,500 words every day.
  1. Amount of precision. We discussed the degrees of precision. When a text is exclusively for data, then a totally automated translation is achievable, but when we want 100% precise translation the sum of time spent post-editing that the MT system may often outweigh the advantages of utilizing this system.


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